175 Overseas Hwy. | Key West, FL. 33040


Steel installation

All right, now the steel for the pool will be installed by our crew and a rigid contoured grid of reinforcing steel to create the back bone of your swimming pool. You will notice the bars crossing with each other for the upmost in reinforcement, please notice the tie wires at some intersections. They tie the steel together.

Please be careful even though we bend the ends of the steel bars, the steel may be sharp. If you like to inspect the rebar progress please be careful, there are block spacers under the steel to allow for the proper concrete coverage as mandated by the building code(s), this block will place the steel approximately in the middle of the shotcrete.

Don’t panic the steps are not missing!

This process of the step’s installation is done with the shotcrete.

At this point Premier Pools of the Keys will contact the Municipality for proper inspections.