Enter into Quote Details Slot :

Approximately How big of a Pool would you like?


Ex: 8x16, 10x20, 15x30 Etc.

Shape: Freeform or Rectangle?

 On the Ground or Above up to 18 Inches? ( Above allows for the Coping of the Pool to become a Bench)

 Salt water System or Standard Chlorine?

 Pool Depth:

Our Standard Shallow 3 ft. 6 inches

Our Standard Deep end 4 ft. 6 inches

 Would you like a Heater?

 x -  If yes, do you Currently have Propane?

 xx-   If yes, Would you like to have a Gas Heater or Electrical Heater?

   xxx- If you Chose Electrical- Would you also like it to Cool the pool?


Would you like any Water features?

                Bench with Jets?

                Waterfall? ( with or without lights)

                Sun shelf with A bubbler? (with or without lights)

                Deck Jets (Water streamer with no lights)  or Luminaires (with lights)?


Our Standard Pool Comes with 1 Incandescent Light in White

                Would you like the idea of LED? White or Multi color?

                                1 big LED or A few Micro LEDs?


Would you like an auto filler?

                About how many feet is the nearest water source (hose spicket)?__________


Would you like a Spa?

About how big of a spa would you like? (7x7, 8x8, 7x9, 10x10, etc) _______________

Would you like for it to spill over into the pool?_____________________

                               Our Spas come with the Spill over exterior wall tiled into the pool only, would you like to upgrade to tile the remaining sides? ________


Our Standard Pool Comes with Shell Beige Shellstone which is a Limestone.

                Would you like to change it to Travertine of your choice?

                                Travertine is a natural stone and we cannot price travertine.

Coping installation is included but the Travertine Material will be another expense added.

If you plan on putting pavers or a deck later on, plan around all of the landscaping together as one. Most clients like to have the Travertine the choose to match the pavers later on.


We have a Sister company Called FMH Electric,

                All pools require electrical work and bonding. Would you like for us to include an electrical proposal with you Pool Proposal?

Approximately how far would the pool be from the Houses Main Electrical Panel? Estimated Ft _________



Upgrade Electrical Panel to have a wired remote system to control pool features ?


Upgrade Electrical panel to have Wireless access to control pool from any where at any time*?

                (Works Best with a direct Ethernet cable access)

                                Add Wireless Remote?

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