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The first step for the construction of you new swimming pool is the excavation, it is a messy, dirty process that is exciting and unavoidable. Our crew will lay out the pool perimeter and carefully dig the precise dimensions of your new pool.

The process takes usually a couple of days depending on the terrain, soil conditions and the weather. 

Then the new wooden form around your new pool we be installed. They are the back bone of the pool construction process, they are there to guide us, please do Not Removed this form.

For the most part 95% of the fill dough thru the excavation process will be hauled away from the site during the excavation process, don’t panic if you see some dirt left over on your yard, the remaining fill will be used in the back fill areas around the pool shell, if you like to keep some of the fill for landscape or planters just let us know, we are here to please you!